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Elterapi is a generic term for electrically operated tools that affect the muscles, nerves and fluid flows in your body in order to create healing, pain relief, rehabilitation and improvement of these systems. Elterapin is the most powerful one can use for these purposes and has no negative side effects.

A distinction is made TENS - transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to remove the pain as a side effect free alternative to pain medication and EMS - electrical muscle stimulation and / or ultrasound is used to repair the errors that are causing the pain. Both TENS and EMS lowers blood pressure after treatment. For this reason, TENS / EMS also the best method of relaxation - there are no side effects. Blood pressure and heart rate drops to the resting level.
Both EMS and TENS is based on artificial neural signals that are pulsed into the body via electrodes on the skin. The pulses have frequencies from 1 to over 100 Hz, i.e., cycles per second. That there are different frequencies because the signals will be given different penetration depths depending on the task.


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